Top supply chain management companies

Top supply chain management companies

Top supply chain management companies

Top supply chain management companies. Currently companies compete with each other through the supply chain, since an optimal management of these allows them to be more efficient in costs and offer a higher quality service. The scenario is so competitive. The main companies in the sector are very active developing solutions that help to boost the business.

In addition to facing the challenges of its core business, companies are also giving time to provide solutions in each of the supply chain processes: planning, procurement, manufacturing and logistics, through an integrative approach to all processes of the chain.

Amazon is one of the best-known e-commerce companies in the world. Its logistics management model and its supply chain-personalized with its relationship with the customer causes envy, challenge and perhaps a threat to many players in the sector.

A platform adapted to the characteristics of on-line sales, where the reference is the product unit. This requires scanning each book and each CD. These are placed in an immense “library”, which is what the store consists of. There is also an area for the rest of the products of the categories that Amazon currently distributes. This area is structured and compartmentalised in niches with cardboard separators for the pallets with multi-reference product.


Walmart was one of the first to optimize the supply chain. It uses an system called “Cross Docking”. Through this technique, the products are transferred directly to the truck. This truck has to deliver them without having to go through the warehouse, and, therefore, saving all storage costs. Thanks to the savings of these costs Walmart can offer products at a much lower price than its competitors. Another of the innovative technologies is the use of radio frequency identification labels, through which, and thanks to a numeric code, any merchandise is traced wherever it is, either on its way to a delivery, or on a truck from a supplier. This allows controlling all stock and merchandise, solving any problem and avoiding costs due to delays or losses.


This is a very interesting case. Because what characterizes fundamentally to this company is the great coordination between the different parts of the supply chain. The main characteristic of Zara is that it replenishes its products twice a week. Therefore, it must have a very well structured and defined supply chain. For this, at the end of each day the manager or responsible for each store must send electronically the volume of sales that has occurred on that day for each product.

Besides that, Zara has a warehouse of three million square meters in La Coruña.  With this in mind, crossing the results of sale of each store and the stock that they have in the store, they can pack and have prepared in the trucks all the orders of fast and effective way. Each one of the products stays in the warehouse only a few hours being the process of arrival and delivery almost automatic.

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